I needed assistance and I feel extremely fortunate to have found some unbelievable help and someone that really understood me and the gambling industry as a whole. I'm appreciative that Dan didn't put me into a cookie cutter bucket of "everybody has to do it this exact way on their recovery". But he really allowed me to find solutions that worked for me. I can't be more appreciative of our time working together and continuing our time together. I wouldn't be where I am today without it.
- HS

I cannot thank Dan Field enough for the counseling he gave to my family as a result of my husband’s addiction to sports gambling. Not only did Dan play a transformative role in my husband’s realization and recovery from this disease, he helped me understand and cope with what I experienced as an affected spouse. It felt like Dan was part of our journey — from that first painful admission of gambling to milestone celebrations of recovery (like finally paying off our entire debt). In my conversations with Dan, he was honest about the road ahead, acknowledging of my doubts and anger, while still being completely supportive to my husband. He taught my husband how to be mindful and present, managing impulses and, ultimately, his emotions that benefited our marriage. Dan helped me understand and empathize, allowing me to forgive and move forward. I am indebted to Dan for the life that my husband and I have now, for our strengthened marriage, and for a future that we didn’t think was possible. Thank you, Dan!
- DC

Dan’s help and guidance have been immeasurable in helping us navigate our son’s gambling addiction.  We know  he put the work in but without Dan’s help we seriously doubt he’d be where he is today.  Your gift of knowledge, expertise, passion, compassion, methodology and wisdom are invaluable to those who are lucky enough to find you.  We will be forever grateful to you.
- HS

Dan’s approach to helping our son has been nothing but a positive experience.  He has enlightened our son of being totally transparent about his gambling addiction.  He is a great listener and is totally honest with his feedback.  There is no sugar coating, and he holds our son responsible for his actions.  He has helped navigate him to a hopeful recovery.    He has helped us as the parents to make our son accountable for his addiction.  We cannot thank Dan enough for his continued support and help during a very difficult journey.  We would highly recommend Dan’s professional help to anyone that is going through this horrible addiction.  
- SJ

If you are a compulsive gambler, you reach a point in your life where you just cannot take it anymore.  It's likely you're at your lowest point, having destroyed your bank account, career and all of the relationships and trust that you've built throughout your life. If you want to begin recovery and start building your life back, there is no better place to do it than with Dan and Stop Betting Sports.  Dan will treat you with kindness and love, but more so with honesty and respect.  He will create a recovery program that is customized specifically for you, and with Dan you can truly accomplish the impossible and stop gambling.

When going through recovery, you need someone who understands the position you're in, how difficult it is and treats your recovery as if its his own.  That is Dan and Stop Betting Sports. As a recovering compulsive gambler, I could not recommend this program more.
- BB

Dan is a role model for me and I am forever grateful for him in my life. He changed my perspective on sobriety and gambling. My life was at rock bottom before I met him and the support he gave me and the fact he never gave up on me, made me not give up on myself and the advice was priceless. I turned to him after the countless bets I made and he changed my life. There's knowledge behind the Stop Betting Sports program. Thanks Dan for all your time and effort to getting me back on track! I'm humbled.
- ZZ

We made contact with Stop Betting Sports when our adult son was in the throes of substantial debt and getting desperate with his addiction to online gambling. The first meeting with Dan was with our family, and he explained to us in detail how he could help our son with a step-by-step process of staying away from this ruthless habit. It was clear to us that Dan was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and was able to read into our son’s mind immediately. His experience from working on similar cases helped us ascertain that Dan was a subject matter expert. He did not make any promises to us, and we felt a level of confidence that he knew how to deal with individuals with addiction. Within the first few weeks of therapy, our son started to feel a sense of relief; while it did involve some harsh reality checks and self-control for him, he started to gain confidence that he “can do it”. Dan has given our son a “toolset” to deal with his issues and to help build critically needed self-control. Dan has helped our son identify early if he is in trouble, or the warning signs to seek help from those around him. It has been about three months now with Stop Betting Sports and we are seeing huge changes in our  son and the strength he has gained to keep away from the addiction. He owes this confidence to the approaches and structures that he  has received from Dan and David. Dan is always supportive and willing to give us updates during the therapy sessions. We truly appreciate his expertise and professionalism during this whole process.
- DP

I've been a client with several counselors in my journey to freedom from gambling and I can honestly say that Dan Field has helped me achieve the most success. He is very professional, personable and understanding. What I appreciate about him the most is that he is a great listener and genuinely cares about helping people. I highly recommend Daniel Field. Thank you Dan for your help in setting me free from the bondage of my gambling addiction.
- JH

I began as a client with Mr. Dan Field over 1.5 years ago to deal with my gambling addiction and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience with him! He is extremely professional, a great listener and has really been my support and accountability person. It is apparent that Dan is in this field for much more than the money. He makes himself available to text in between sessions and has helped talk me out of a lot of negative decisions. In more critical situations, he has also made himself available at the last minute even if he was at the gym or driving or at home watching a movie, he always replies expeditiously when needed. He is much more than just a gambling therapist as well. He has helped in areas of well-being and health, relationships and career development. I definitely recommend anyone to set up a consultation with Mr. Field!
- BH

Our son, who is now 32 years old with a good job in the investments industry, has had a serious gambling addiction problem over the last 3-4 years. After believing in his stories that he needed money for non-gambling issues he first came clean about his debts about 3 years ago. His mother and I bailed him out not knowing that we were enabling him in his addiction. There was a second round of revelations that required many more thousands of dollars to people and institutions he owed money to; we thought that would be the end of it. He started to see Dan Field as his therapist and we started to see an improvement in his demeaner and he finally disclosed the full extent of his gambling addiction and the full financial issues he had created. This disclosure came after he had spoken to Dan several times and after Dan has had meetings with his mother and myself. I attribute his disclosure and final admission to the progress has made with Dan. With Dan’s help, we designed a plan for him to relinquish all control of his finances to me and a "payback" plan that is feasible with his current paychecks. He has started going to GA every week. He now understands how much he has hurt his loved ones but this is a long process. I think Dan has been instrumental in getting my son to disclose the full extent of his problems because he is normally a very quiet and private person. He is by no means out of the woods and I suspect he needs emotional support for staying sober all his life. Dan has been emphasizing to him the severity and power of his gambling addiction and my son is starting to understand and act accordingly. He has not been gambling for more than a month now. My son and we as parents would like to continue to seek Dan’s input and guidance as Dan has been a very good match as a therapist with my son. I am grateful to Dan for his work with my son.
- IS