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Recognizing the signs of a problem gambler

Gambling is often described as the “invisible addiction.” Unlike a substance use disorder, it does not always have obvious signs (e.g., alcohol on the breath, seeming “strung out”), and it can thus be more easily hidden. This is particularly true now due to the development of online and mobile betting, which can be done in secrecy. Problem gamblers experience feelings of desperation and hopelessness and are likely to contemplate suicide. Here are some signs that your partner or loved one may have a gambling problem:

Family Work is at the heart of our
treatment approach at
Stop Betting Sports

We believe families (including parents, spouses, and other important friends) are vital to the problem gambler’s process of overcoming addiction. We also know that families need to heal too and that the damage caused by gambling places an incredible strain on families and relationships. At SBS, we offer many opportunities for families to not only support their loved one's treatment objectives, but to work toward rebuilding the precious trust lost during the course of the addiction.

Screening - Gathering as much information as possible about current gambling behavior and its toll on the family.

Assessment - Evaluating contributing factors  of gambling disorder to arrive at correct diagnosis and action plan.

Individualized Treatment Plan - Creating a realistic and practical plan according to the clients specific needs.

Comprehensive Family Work - Focusing on issues of boundary setting, addiction, shared responsibility and accountability.

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